Communications Services

Valletta Associates provides web site strategy and content development, e-communications, identity and capabilities brochures, lead generation tools, newsletters, client information materials, special reports and annual reports. Other service areas include biographical profiles, training and procedures manual development, book/manuscript editing, speech writing and event scripting.

Are your written communications getting in the way of your message?

How many of these “communication inhibitors” do you recognize in your company?  If you’re experiencing any of them, we can help.  Call or write us today.

Sales Literature that’s written from the perspective of “what WE the company do” instead of “what YOU the prospect need”

This common error in positioning can immediately sabotage an otherwise effective message by failing to engage the reader.

Prospecting Letters or Proposals that fail to capture the reader’s attention/interest at the outset

Oftentimes the most well intentioned solicitation materials fall short because they lack the “persuasion WOW factor.”

Web Site Content that’s a repeat of your print materials

The Internet is a powerful tool for visibility and lead generation. But too often, companies miss out on the unique opportunities it offers. WHAT YOU SAY on your web site is at least as important as how it looks and feels.

Training or procedures manuals that suffer from lack of clarity

There’s an art to drawing out ‘how to” information from the heads of those who know it best, and transforming it into a clear, logical, consistent format that’s easy for others to follow.

Newsletters that don’t generate the results you’re looking for

With the proliferation of print and online newsletters barraging your intended readers daily, are yours getting lost in the shuffle?